About the Foundation

The Firefighter Steven Coakley Foundation

“ We will never forget …” best describes the mission of the foundation. Not just about what happened to so many people on September 11, 2001 and how our lives have changed but “we will never forget” about how Steve and so many firefighters lived their lives and were always there to help us.

The charter of the foundation is to provide educational scholarships, donate funds and/or equipment to local emergency services to increase the safety of the public and first responders, and hold an annual memorial weekend to honor Firefighter Steven Coakley, FDNY Engine 217 & those lost on 9/11.

The foundation is funded by several annual fundraising events as well as being financially supported in many other ways. The purpose is to raise funds throughout the year to support the charters of the foundation. In the past these events have included silent auctions, private monetary donations, restaurant sponsor proceeds, business donations and many, many hours of great people volunteering their time. There are several upcoming events that are planned for the upcoming year not only to raise funds for the foundation but so “we will never forget” Steve and all the other heroes that we have lost.

About Steven Coakley

Steven Coakley was an FDNY firefighter at Engine 217 and the brother of Kara Walker. Steve was killed on 9/11/2001 during the line of duty climbing the twin towers to save lives. Kara’s family lives in Waxhaw, NC and with her husband Edmund, 4 daughters and a fun bunch of tireless board members — has helped keep the memory of 9/11 and Steve’s sacrifice going strong.

Steve had a home in Madeira Beach, Florida near Tampa and loved spending time there. There has a been an annual Foundation event at Maderia Beach to enjoy the location and memory of Steve.

He also loved playing golf — his friends and loved ones have kept an annual golf tournament in his name going strong in Charlotte, raising money to continue the Foundation’s mission each year.